Serial entrepreneur, innovator, and pioneer of change and opportunity for all Americans

Leveling the playing field for retail investors around the world.

Darren Marble is executive producer of Going Public®, a new interactive streaming series that follows founders on their capital-raising journeys. For the first time ever, viewers can “click-to-invest” and buy shares in featured companies while they watch. As the series unfolds, customers and fans can gain ownership of featured companies as they launch their public offerings, transforming them from a passive audience into active participants. Season 1 of Going Public streamed on Entrepreneur.com in January 2022. 

Darren has a long professional history of seeking new ways to bring access to private market investing past its Wall Street gatekeepers. In addition to producing Going Public, Darren is CEO of Issuance, a FinTech company that provides the leading investment platform for Reg A+ public offerings. Issuance is proud to have helped their clients raise $250 million to date. Previously, Darren was the founder and CEO of CrowdfundX, a financial marketing firm that pioneered direct-to-investor retail marketing using the Reg A+ securities exemption.

During that time, he cut his teeth on online capital raising, category creation, and brand-building while exploring the exciting new possibilities of Reg A+ offerings. Darren is passionate about democratizing access to investment opportunities for everyday Americans and leveling the playing field for retail investors around the world.

In addition to his financial work, Darren also co-founded YELLOW with Ian Mirmelstein, an online platform that celebrates sobriety and connects those within the “CURRENTLY NOT DRINKING ETC” community. Both Ian and Darren have not been drinking for over 15 years collectively and have reaped benefits in every area of their lives as a result. Together, they decided to create a space online through which others who don’t drink or do drugs could easily connect in everyday life.

As a financial visionary, Darren’s insights have been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, and The Los Angeles Business Journal. Most frequently, he’s turned to as an expert on subjects such as online capital raising, retail investor marketing & Reg A+ securities exemption. In his spare time, you’ll find Darren online, tweeting about his admiration for Elon Musk.

Connect with Darren:

“Democratizing access to investment opportunities and private markets for everyday Americans.”

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